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Brushwood Buddies is a crafting puzzle game about combining items.
A calm yet challenging crafting and resource management experience.

My name is Steven Colling and I'm a solo developer from Germany who made Brushwood Buddies on my own.

*perhaps you know my other game Orcish Inn?

Windows + Linux + Full Gamepad Support + Steam or DRM-free

If you prefer other storefronts, check out (pay what you want) or IndieGameStand.

PressKit & Media

download as zip instead


The following people helped me via Patreon in the past: Tabisama FotoN Simon Barth Will Neal The Sandbox Games DataBase MissLily Blarla Pandafro Edward Truscott Cddarain Tuomo Lassila Xenorexian Lewis McReu Rusty Gear jessicabalu Dylan Dyer Clayst Games Finder Biowizard Sophie Kirschner Enric Morales CyborgHobbit WizardKagdan Ryan Bradshaw Kirby Gallery Cole Terlesky Atse Rasmus V. Johnsson Deluks Gaming rsdworker RamesGamesLC Joaquim Costa nittens stodiaN Sheltem Amy Josuweit Sam Sweeney Wyatt Ryder Austin Woodyard Rasmus Møller Pedersen Feztre Buldinn Merlin Thank you all!

Brushwood Buddies and website by Steven Colling If you want to say hello, I'm @StevenColling on Twitter and my mail is